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Introduction to Web Development

HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap


Perfect for beginners, this practical workshop introduces the core elements of building web sites and web applications. You will build a website from scratch, learning the essentials of HTML and CSS programming languages along the way. As a bonus, hands-on experience with the Bootstrap framework is provided, to help everyone learn how to build a site with that polished, professional look.

Like all of our courses, this workshop follows our proven Learn How To Learn™ learning environment. You'll get a real taste of the challenges and rewards of web development. You'll not only gain practical skills, you will be ready, confident, and inspired to continue learning even after the workshop ends.

Who Is This For?

Non-Programmers. In other words: musicians, architects, writers, art students, stay-at-home parents... anyone who has never had a chance to see how enjoyable coding can be. Absolutely no programming experience is expected. You will need a decent laptop, and you should be able to type short sentences fairly easily. If you can type the first sentence of this paragraph in less then one minute, then you're ready for the workshop.

Entrepreneurs. Still pitching your idea with a boring slide deck? When you can show a live, working prototype of your idea, your chances to gain attention and traction increase substantially. Learning how to build a static website enables you to build more of your prototype yourself, saving both money and time during that crucial early stage of development.

Managers and Business Students. Get a real sense of what coding is like, so you can understand the lingo and perspective of your employees and contractors. Get to know the challenges of technical estimates, so you'll know when you're getting a deal or getting taken for a ride. Most of all, you'll be able to communicate and plan with your technical team in a much more efficient and effective way.

Course Contents

Session #1: Liftoff!

  • Setup confirmation & last-minute troubleshooting
  • Getting inspired: What is coding is all about?
  • Session Challenge: "About Me" Page
  • HTML basics: block-level elements, inline elements, in-browser DOM inspection
  • CSS basics: styling, box model, classifications, external sheets
  • HTTP basics: how a browser works, in-browser network traffic inspection

Session #2: Zero G

  • Session Challenge: Online Video Rental, Part 1
  • Introduction to the Bootstrap framework
  • Typography 101
  • Grid layout fundamentals
  • Buttons, links, images
  • CSS Cascade and specificity rules
  • Colors, visual styling, and cross-browser concerns

Session #3: Moon Landing

  • Session Challenge: Online Video Rental, Part 2
  • Mobile responsive layouts
  • Components: navbars, alerts, tabs, and more
  • Deployment to live internet URL using Dropbox or Github Pages
  • Show & Tell
  • Group retrospective

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