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Cryptography and Internet Security

Just The Good Stuff


This hands-on workshop covers the essentials of cryptography and security for web applications. Ever-increasing awareness of government leaks, corporate data loss, and privacy concerns makes this topic a must-have for every software professional. Know how to protect your data, whether your application is legally required to (think HIPAA, PCI, or any other number of privacy regulations) or not.

Like all of our courses, this workshop follows our proven Learn How To Learn™ learning environment. You'll not only gain practical skills, you will be ready, confident, and inspired to continue learning even after the workshop ends.

Who Is This For?

Programmers Who Are Ready For More. You should be comfortable with the basics of Ruby, Python, or another object-oriented language. You do not need to be an expert, but comfortable with the notions of classes, instances, and methods.

Course Contents

Session #1: Liftoff!

  • One-way Encryption
  • Checksums, Hashes, and HMACs
  • Algorithms: bcrypt, MD5, SHA-3, and more

Session #2: Zero G

  • Two-way encryption
  • Symmetric: Shared Private Keys
  • Asymetric: Public-Private Key Cryptography
  • Digital Signatures and SSL Certificates

Session #3: Moon Landing

  • Unix Port Security and Firewalls
  • User Authentication vs. Authorization
  • Root server access and lockdown
  • Key security
  • E-Commerce and PCI Compliance
  • Healthcare and HIPAA Compliance

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